The Wheeler Centre

The Wheeler Centre is Melbourne’s home for smart, passionate and entertaining public talks on every topic.

Across 200+ events each year, and a unique collection of videos, podcasts and original writing, you’ll find some of our finest local and international writers and thinkers sharing their expertise, their imaginations and their ideas.

From inception, the idea grew with the passion, belief and support of the Victorian State Government, gaining unstoppable momentum. In 2008, when Melbourne was designated a UNESCO City of Literature, this heralded the establishment of the Centre of Books, Writing and Ideas – a vibrant new hub for a diverse range of literary and ideas based organisations and activities. The aim: to provide a home and important focal point for the conversations that matter to Victoria and indeed Australia. As the Centre itself took its physical shape within a newly renovated and dedicated wing of the State Library of Victoria, its position was secured ahead of the official opening with the commitment of patrons, Maureen and Tony Wheeler of Lonely Planet. From that day, the Centre of Books, Writing and Ideas became The Wheeler Centre.

Since the first public event in February 2010, the Centre's story and journey has continued to unfurl and grow. In over five years of existence, The Wheeler Centre has established a reputation for ambition, variety and quality. It is firmly established as a leading arts organisation, dedicated to the dual purpose of being both a vibrant hub for the writing and literary sector and producing a diverse programme of public conversations and events.

Over 1800 speakers have participated in more than 1100 public conversations since 2010.

We Are Family: Supporting LGBTIQA+ Family Members

21 April 2021
The Wheeler Centre
Sage Akouri, Ro Allen, Tracey Gaudry, Karen Field...

More than six in ten LGBTIQA+ young people in Australia have experienced...

Archer Launch Edition

24 April 2021
The Wheeler Centre
Vanessa Muradian, Alistair Baldwin, Lucy Watson...

Our much-loved sex and relationships advice series, Take It from Me...


26 April 2021
The Wheeler Centre
David Finnigan, Jordan Prosser, and Stephanie...

What constitutes a trend? Can they be predicted and quantified?


27 April 2021
The Wheeler Centre
Uncle Bill Nicholson Jr and Alex Last

These are trying times for our planet.

The 2021 Stella Prize winner in Conversation

27 April 2021
The Wheeler Centre
Elizabeth McCarthy

In 2021, the Stella Prize longlist once again speaks to the ingenuity,...

Death Tech

28 April 2021
The Wheeler Centre
Michael Arnold and Sui Zhen

Given enough data, can AI recreate the essence of a human consciousness?