Matt Lucas

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
23 April 2018
Author / Presenters: 
Matt Lucas and Cal Wilson

Most autobiographies unfold in chronological order – starting in childhood and following the author through adolescence into adulthood. But the new book from Matt Lucas is called Little Me: My Story from A to Z. An alphabetically organised memoir would be an unusual move for most writers, but it’s a typical one for Lucas, who has built his comedy career on looking at the world askew.

In its gleefully jumbled way, the book tells of the comedian’s childhood, rise to fame, his struggles and successes. Lucas is best known for the outrageous characters he played on Little Britain – including Daffyd ‘only gay in the village’ Thomas and Vicky Pollard – but the book shows the more reflective side of its author. It touches on the fraught and fabulous moments of his school years, his father’s stint in prison, the story behind his famously bald head and his adult experiences of grief and fame. The book provides insights, too, into his career exploits, creative collaborations and comic inspirations – his work with David Walliams and his role in Doctor Who.

In April at St Kilda Town Hall, this icon of British popular culture will talk to Cal Wilson about his book, his life and the changing spirit of comedy – not necessarily in that order.

Due to changing work commitments, Matt Lucas has had to cancel his Australian and New Zealand tour. He offers his sincere apologies to his fans.