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Jelena Dokic

20 November 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Karen Lyon

In 1999, 16-year-old Jelena Dokic pulled off one of the most staggering upsets in Grand Slam history.

Hot Desk Edition #3

20 November 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Ingrid Baring, Bobuq Sayed, Alexandra Collier,...

At summer’s cusp, it’s not just the weather that’s getting warmer.

Political Wrap

21 November 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Sally Warhaft, George Megalogenis, and Alice...

For the final Fifth Estate of 2017, Sally Warhaft and guests George Megalogenis and Alice Workman will...

The F Word Address: Jane Gilmore

22 November 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Jane Gilmore and Santilla Chingaipe

‘Here’s a list of things that don’t cause murder. Stiletto-heel shoes. Mothers. Selfies. Broken hearts.

Well Aware

27 November 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Nick Toscano, Tim Crowe, Clem Bastow, and Jacinta...

Activated charcoal, sound baths, coffee enemas, adaptogens – wellness trends continue to rise and rise,...

Beyond Binary: Nevo Zisin on Gender

28 November 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Nevo Zisin and Fury

Nevo Zisin has experienced gender in ways most of us may not.

On Your Marx

29 November 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Helen Razer, Nazeem Hussain, Alyx Gorman, and...

‘Marxism exists in 19th-century thought like a fish in water: that is, it is unable to breathe anywhere...

If Walls Could Talk: Remembering Pentridge

30 November 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Jack Charles, Peter Norden, Hilary Harper, Pat...

From 1851 until its closure in 1997, Pentridge Prison in Coburg was the scene of many humiliations and...

I Know You Are, I Said You Are: Gender Stereotypes and Kids

4 December 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Sami Shah, Nelly Thomas, Ro Allen, and Alyena...

Hanging upside-down from monkey bars, doing handstands, turning cartwheels – for years schoolyard play for...