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Drug Laws

16 May 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Madeleine Morris, David Caldicott, Nicole Lee,...

Supply reduction, demand reduction and harm reduction are the three key tenets of Australian drug policy...

Not Seen, Not Heard: The Hidden Stolen Generation

17 May 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Natalie Lewis, Andrew Jackomos, and Muriel...

In 2008, when Kevin Rudd made his historic apology to the Stolen Generations of Indigenous Australians, he...

Picnic at Hanging Rock

18 May 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Helen Morse, Janelle McCulloch, Tom Wright, and...

‘She felt herself choking and tore at her frilled lace collar. “Miranda!”’

David Marr

19 May 2017
The Wheeler Centre
David Marr and Sally Warhaft

In previous Quarterly Essays, David Marr has turned his merciless pen to powerful men of the...

Family and Fiction: Anne Enright

21 May 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Anne Enright and Pamela Paul

Anne Enright is known for exploring the complexities and banalities of family life with a steely,...

Strange Here: George Saunders

21 May 2017
The Wheeler Centre
George Saunders and Don Watson

American writer George Saunders is one of the world’s most surreal – and most empathic – eyewitnesses to...

The Alt Write

22 May 2017
The Wheeler Centre
George Saunders, Brit Bennett, Roxane Gay, John...

Our favourite writers move us and inspire us: our imaginations, our humanity, our understanding of the...

Lunch with Jay Rayner

23 May 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Jay Rayner and Michael Williams

He’s described a Gefilte fish dish as so leaden it could ‘pull planets out of alignment’ and wondered if a...

Chris Kraus

23 May 2017
The Wheeler Centre
Chris Kraus and Mel Campbell

As a writer, critic and 'failed filmmaker', Chris Kraus has heavily influenced many of today's cultural...